Porsche Sprint Challenge France - Opening Race of the 24 Hours of Le Mans


- What is an FIA “Bronze” classification? what if I don't have an FIA classification?

The FIA classifies drivers according to their record: Platinum, Gold, Silver, Bronze.
Platinum, Gold and Silver drivers are not accepted in the Porsche Sprint Challenge France.
Unclassified pilots are considered Bronze pilots and are therefore welcome. It is not necessary to request a classification from the FIA to enter.


- What do you mean by "Concurrent / Competitor" and “Pilote/Driver” on the entry form?

The Competitor is the person responsible for entering the car. It can be a team, a manager or the driver directly.


- Which cars are eligible?

Porsche GT3 Cups and the Porsche GT3 Rs of the 997, 991 and 992 generations as well as the 997 GT3 Cup S.

- What should the configuration of the cars be?

GT3 Cups must comply with the Porsche Carrera Cup regulations corresponding to their model. GT3 Rs must conform to their factory configuration.

- Is ABS allowed?

Yes, provided it is of a type approved by Porsche.

- Are Paddle Shifts allowed on the 997 GT3 Cups?

Yes, as long as they are not accompanied by other modifications to the gearbox.

- What type of exhaust should be installed on the GT3 Cup?

The exhaust must be complete with a rear silencer, but the side silencers are not mandatory.

- Do cars have to be fitted with an intake air restrictor?

Yes. The type and diameter of the restrictor are indicated in the technical regulations.

- Where can I find the regulations of the event?

See the attachments to download > REGULATIONS

- How many groups are there?

The cars are divided into 5 groups: 911 R, 992, 991 Cup phase II, 991 Cup phase I, 997 Cup. 997 Cup S are classified in the 911 R group.

- What if my car is not equipped with the transponder mentioned in the regulations?

It will be possible to rent transponders on site on Wednesday morning.

- What is the Coyote warning system mentioned in the technical regulations?

This is an on-board device warning the drivers in real time of an incident on the circuit requiring  a limited speed zone (slow zone). This device also makes it possible to inform the pilots of any penalties and to inform race control of any violations by the pilot, in particular failure to respect the speed limit in slow zones.


- What types of tires are used?

The GT3 Cups run in Michelin N2, the GT3Rs run in Michelin S9.

- Why do we have to start with new tires for each session?

For safety reasons, the Le Mans circuit subjects the tires to special constraints which do not guarantee that they could withstand 2x45 minutes of track.
Moreover, with used tires, the behavior of the car is not the same as with new tires. Using worn tires for free practice could lead to drivers adjusting cars incorrectly and behaving inappropriately on new tires for qualifying or the race.


- Can I come with a set of new tires and order only 3 sets of tires from Michelin?

No. The tires used at Le Mans have a specific marking and are the only ones that can be used for this event.

- What happens in the event of a puncture, is the number of tires limited?

In addition to the 4 compulsory sets of tires, each driver is entitled to 2 joker tires.


- Why do we have to leave with a full tank of gas?

Because in the event of a running out of fuel, it is impossible to bring the car back and the session is lost for the driver.
Starting with a full tank also puts all the riders on a level playing field.

- Can I come with my fuel stored in cans / jerrycans?

No, because storage / handling of fuel outside the refueling area is strictly prohibited for safety reasons.

- Why do we have to buy fuel on site?

Because handling gasoline is prohibited outside the refueling area for safety reasons and to ensure that all drivers are on an equal footing.

- What is the price of fuel?

€ 2.20 excluding tax per liter + € 100 excluding tax for the provision of the refueling system.

- How do you pay for fuel?

You must pay a deposit of xx € to the fuel supplier. At the end of the meeting, unused fuel is refunded.

- How does refueling work?

All you need to do is drive to the refueling area with your car to refuel during opening hours.

Track access and pre-grid

- How do you get on the track?

There is a direct access to the track just outside the paddock.

- How do you return to the paddock at the end of the session?

At the end of their deceleration lap, the drivers return to the paddock through an access located at the exit of the Porsche corners.

- In what order do we enter the track?

The cars are placed on the pre-grid. The order depends on the arrival in the pre-grid for the first free practice session (first in/first out). For the second free practice session and qualifying, the pre-grid is set in order of the time from the previous session.

- Where is the pre-grid?

On the Maison Blanche circuit between the exit of the paddock and the entrance to the circuit.

- What is the starting procedure for the race?

The cars come out of the pre-grid behind the leading car directly for their formation lap. The leading car exits at the end of this lap and the race starts with a rolling start .




- Where are the mechanics positioned during practice, qualifying and the race?

In the 24 Hours pitlane. A convoy is planned to take them to the pitlane and bring them back to the paddock.

- How are the locations in the piltane allocated?

The cars are grouped by team. A plan will be provided to the teams before the start of the first free practice.



- Is the box included in the registration?

Yes, each competitor has a 5x5m tent.

- Is there room to store equipment in the box?

Each box is 5x5 m. so there is enough room to store tires and tools around the cars.


Transport or assistance trucks

- Where are the trucks parked in relation to the paddock?

The parking lot for trucks is in the immediate vicinity of the paddock at a distance of between 50 and 100 m depending on the box and the location of the truck.

- If I come with a van and a trailer, where can I park them?

In the car park located on the Maison Blanche circuit, less than 100 m from the paddock.

- When can the trucks leave the paddock?

From Saturday afternoon, after the start of the 24 Hours.

- Can we sleep or eat in the trucks?

Yes, but barbecuing or using gas cooking systems is prohibited.

- Are there showers and toilets near the paddock?

Yes, in the Maison Blanche circuit area.

Parking lots and parking

- Where can I park my car and that of my guests?

In a reserved area of the Maison Blanche circuit near the paddock.

- Where is the parking lot for motorhomes and camper van?

In a reserved area of the Maison Blanche circuit near the paddock.

- My motorhome / camper van does not need water or electricity supply. Do I have to take a Motorhome / camper van parking?

Yes, because the car park is not sized to accommodate motorhomes and camper vans.

Access and packages for the Porsche Experience Center

- Registration includes a Lounge Pack. How many people does it give access to the Porsche Experience Center?

All packs are individual. They therefore only give access to one person. If you want several people to access the Porsche Experience Center, you have to take as many packs as there are people.

- What is the difference between the Canopy Pack and the Lounge Pack?

The Canopy Pack gives access to the ground floor of the Porsche Experience Center as well as to the catering area outside the Porsche Experience Center. The Lounge Pack gives access to the upper floors of the Porsche Experience Center, to the restaurants and to the panoramic terrace.

- If I take a Canopy pack, will I be able to access the panoramic terrace to see the race?

No, the panoramic terrace is reserved for people who have booked a Lounge Pack.

- If my guests only come on Saturdays to watch the race, do I have to take a pack for the whole week?

Yes, it is not possible to have packs just for a day or just for the weekend.

- If I don't take a pack, where can I see the races?

The ACO Maison-Blanche passes give access to an earthen grandstand located between the paddock and the Porsche Experience Center which allows you to see the track between the Corvette corner and the Ford corners.

- If I don't take a pack for my team, where can they eat?

For teams, we offer a Staff pack at € 375 excluding VAT which includes the ACO Maison Blanche Pass and all meals from Wednesday morning to Sunday afternoon (breakfast, lunch, dinner).
If you do not take this pack, you will have to leave the Maison Blanche area to eat.


- If I take a pack, do I also have to take an ACO Maison Blanche Pass?

No, the ACO Maison Blanche Pass is included in the packs.

UK Temporary import

- As Great Britain is no longer part of the EEC, how can we come to France with our racing car and our equipment?

There are two easy ways to export temporarily from the UK to France: the ATA carnet or the Duplicate List.
All the information can be found in the attachment to download >> HERE